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Authors: Cristina Ștefana Miron-Borzan, Alina Popan, Vasile Adrian Ceclan, Adrian Popescu, Petru Berce
Abstract: This paper presents the basic principle for achieving a custom implant from biocompatible materials with the human body using Additive Manufacturing technologies. Due the fact that is a new product which will be introduced on the market, a marketing study was needed. This study presents also the mathematical, analytical and graphical modeling of the psychological price, for a custom implant type cranioplasty / hip prosthesis / spinal implant. The assessment of psychological price for a custom cranioplasty implant, that is not the object through curative Romanian health programs, bring relevant information on the knowledge of maximum and minimum limits that the purchasers, potential consumers, are willing to accept, so the price at which the proportion of consumers potential is the greatest.
Authors: Paul Bere, Ovidiu Nemes, Cristian Dudescu, Petru Berce, Emilia Sabau
Abstract: The paper presents a design and analysis methods of carbon /epoxy composite tubular parts. Testing and analytical computations, based on classical laminated plate theory, of the proposed and manufactured material delivered the engineering constants that have been used in the finite element simulations of two important safety tests for the handlebar (bending and torsion). The experimental results obtained for lateral bending test (critical test) are in agreement with the finite element simulations.
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