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Authors: Shi Yuan Sun, Qing Fu Zhao, Yuan Xue

Abstract: Spinning and finishing techniques of a durable softening and water-repellent PP/HDPE heat-bondable fiber were introduced. The fiber has a...

Authors: Qing Fu Zhao, Shi Yuan Sun, Xiao Wei Jiang, Ming Hai Qu, Yu Zhong Wang

Abstract: Flame retardant nanocomposites were synthesized by melt-blending phosphorus-containing copolymer (PET-co-DDP) with multi-wall carbon...

Authors: Qing Fu Zhao, Xiao Wei Jiang, Shi Yuan Sun, Ming Hai Qu, Yu Zhong Wang

Abstract: A new type of nanocomposite was composited by the way of copolymerization of flame-retardant monomer DDP, PET monomer, terephthalic acid and...

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