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Authors: K. Short, Richard Wuhrer, G. Collins, Wing Yiu Yeung
Authors: R. Roest, A.W. Eberhardt, Bruno A. Latella, Richard Wuhrer, Besim Ben-Nissan
Authors: Richard Wuhrer, A. Ray
Authors: Jonathon Mak, Richard Wuhrer, Norman Booth, Paul Fanos, Greg Heness, Wing Yiu Yeung

Abstract: Equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) was employed in an attempt to develop nanostructural metal matrix composites with homogenized...

Authors: Malik Lee, Richard Wuhrer, Wing Yiu Yeung

Abstract: Metal laminates have experienced rapid development in many engineering applications and generally possess enhanced properties with improved...

Authors: Richard Wuhrer, Wing Yiu Yeung

Abstract: Ternary chromium aluminium nitride (Cr,Al)N coatings were produced by reactive magnetron co-sputtering technique at different nitrogen...

Authors: Sam R. Humphries, Richard Wuhrer, N.G. Booth, Wing Yiu Yeung, Qiu Bao Ouyang, J. Qin, D. Zhang

Abstract: An enhanced nucleation heat treatment process was employed to refine the grain structure of 7075Al/ 7wt.% SiCp metal matrix composite...

Authors: Jonathon Mak, Richard Wuhrer, Greg Heness, J. Qin, W. Lu, D. Zhang, Wing Yiu Yeung

Abstract: Particulate reinforced Ti based metal matrix composites (MMCs) were made by in-situ synthesis using vacuum arc re-melting process. The...

Authors: Richard Wuhrer, Wing Yiu Yeung

Abstract: Development of complex ternary nitride coatings has attracted significant industrial interest in recent years. In deposition of complex...

Authors: Richard Wuhrer, G. McCredie, Wing Yiu Yeung
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