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Authors: Robert C. Wimpory, Carsten Ohms

Abstract: Up to now the tendency in residual stress determination (using neutron diffraction) has been to assess the uncertainties in terms of the...

Authors: Tillman Fuß, Robert C. Wimpory, M. Klaus, C. Genzel

Abstract: Residual stress depth profiling can be performed by means of non-destructive diffraction methods as well as semi destructive mechanical...

Authors: Jeremy Epp, Thomas Hirsch, Martin Hunkel, Robert C. Wimpory

Abstract: The present work has been executed within the framework of the collaborative research center on Distortion Engineering (SFB 570) in order to...

Authors: Robert C. Wimpory, Farid R. Biglari, Rainer Schneider, Kamran M. Nikbin, N.P. O'Dowd

Abstract: This paper considers the measurement of residual stresses induced by mechanical loading in a weld Type 347 stainless steel. The work is...

Authors: L.K. Keppas, Dimitrios Elias Katsareas, Robert C. Wimpory, N.K. Anifantis, Anastasius Youtsos

Abstract: Finite element prediction of residual stresses in a 3-bead letterbox-type repair weld is investigated in the present study. The repair is...

Authors: N.W. Bonner, Robert C. Wimpory, G.A. Webster, A. Tony Fry, F.A. Kandil
Authors: Robert C. Wimpory, Michael Hofmann, Joana Rebelo-Kornmeier, Mirko Boin, Carsten Ohms

Abstract: The accurate determination of strain during measurement using neutron diffraction depends on many factors. The statistical uncertainty of...

Authors: A.M. Venter, M.W. van der Watt, Robert C. Wimpory, Rainer Schneider, P.J. McGrath, M. Topic

Abstract: Bending of metal plates with high-energy laser beams presents a flexible materials forming technique where bending results from the...

Authors: Joana Rebelo-Kornmeier, Jens Gibmeier, Michael Hofmann, Robert C. Wimpory

Abstract: For non destructive stress analysis of surface treated steel samples the application of laboratory X rays or high energy synchrotron...

Authors: S. Kamel, Robert C. Wimpory, Michael Hofmann, Kamran M. Nikbin, N.P. O'Dowd

Abstract: This paper considers the prediction of the effects of tensile and compressive residual stress in fracture mechanics specimens by the...

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