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Authors: Domenico Cirillo, Roberto Germano, Valentino Tontodonato, Allan Widom, Yogendra N. Srivastava, Emilio del Giudice, G. Vitiello

Abstract: A substantial neutron flux generated by plasma excitation at the tungsten cathode of an electrolytic cell with alkaline solution is...

Authors: Emilio del Giudice, Cornelia Hison, Roberto Germano, A. de Ninno

Abstract: The mechanism of phase transition of some intermetallic (magnetic) alloys from a crystal state to an amorphous state on heating in hydrogen...

Authors: Roberto Germano, Emilio del Giudice, A. de Ninno, Vittorio Elia, Cornelia Hison, Elena Napoli, Valentino Tontodonato, F.P. Tuccinardi, G. Vitiello

Abstract: Oxhydroelectric Effect, that is the extraction of electricity from an aqueous electrolytic solution by twin Platinum (Pt) electrodes,...

Authors: Roberto Germano, Valentino Tontodonato, Cornelia Hison, Domenico Cirillo, F.P. Tuccinardi

Abstract: Electricity extraction from water by twin electrodes, mediated by oxygen molecules, that we call Oxhydroelectric Effect, is reported. The...

Authors: D. Cirillo, Emilio del Giudice, Roberto Germano, S. Sivasubrammanian, Yogendra N. Srivastava, V. Tontodonato, G. Vitiello, Allan Widom

Abstract: In the conceptual framework of Quantum ElectroDynamics (QED) it has been proventhat liquid water is made up of two phases : 1) a coherent...

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