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Authors: S.G. Shabestari, M.M. Hejazi, M. Bahramifar

Abstract: The effect of magnesium addition up to 0.9 wt.% on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-9Si-0.35Mn alloy has been investigated...

Authors: S.G. Shabestari, M.M. Tavakoli, M. Ghanbari

Abstract: Al-Si-Fe alloys are a general purpose of die casting alloys, widely used to manufacture automotive parts. Forming this alloy in...

Authors: S.G. Shabestari, R. Gholizadeh

Abstract: Dense precipitation of various intermetallic compounds is a common feature in the microstructure of Al-Si piston alloys. In this...

Authors: S.G. Shabestari, P. Ghaemmaghami, H. Saghafian, A. Osanlo

Abstract: Attractive physical and mechanical properties of aluminum alloys make them very interesting for the automotive industry. The commercial way...

Authors: S.G. Shabestari, N. Wanderka, W. Seeliger, John Banhart

Abstract: Aluminium foam sandwich panels (AFS) made of a low-density aluminium alloy AlSi6Cu6 foam core and two dense 6082 alloy face sheets were...

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