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Authors: Jong Duk Chung, Seok Yoon Han, Hong Jung Chun

Abstract: Engineering safety diagnosis of crashed subway electric multiple units (EMUs) was conducted for safety assessment. Several advanced...

Authors: Jae Kyoo Lim, Seok Yoon Han

Abstract: In order to analyze beam structures more accurately and effectively, a two-node orthotropic beam element is proposed. This beam element is...

Authors: Seok Yoon Han, M.N.L. Narasimhan, T.C. Kennedy
Authors: Seok Yoon Han, J.O. Kim, J.Y. Park, Byung Ju Yi, G.B. Chung

Abstract: Ultra-precision positioning systems basically require high natural frequency and sufficient workspace. To cope with this requirement,...

Authors: Seok Yoon Han, J.S. Maeng, S.H. Kim, J.Y. Park

Abstract: Parameter optimization of a static micro-mixer with a cantilever beam was accomplished for maximizing mixing efficiency using a sequential...

Authors: Seok Yoon Han, S.S. Bae, S.J. Jung

Abstract: The growth-strain method was applied to cutout optimization in laminated composite plates. Since the growth-strain method optimizes a shape...

Authors: Seok Yoon Han, J.Y. Park, Y.J. Ma

Abstract: Stress control of the growth-strain method was applied to shape optimization of multiple cutouts in laminated composite plates. Since the...

Authors: Seok Yoon Han

Abstract: Shape optimization a cantilevered beam in mixed mode for prolonging fatigue life was accomplished by the linear elastic fracture mechanics...

Authors: Seok Yoon Han, Y.J. Ma, J.Y. Park

Abstract: Shape optimization was performed to obtain the precise shape of cutouts including the internal shape of cutouts in laminated composite...

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