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Authors: Zheng Zheng Xu, Yan Wang, Sheng Xing Wu, Yao Wang
Abstract: Acoustic emission (AE) is capable of real time continuous monitoring and it's not sensitive to the geometry of components,so it's widely used in nondestructive testing of concrete. The AE b-value occupies an important position in the study of concrete damage evaluation as a parameter of AE technology. The basic theory of AE b-value and the related technical problems of AE b-value calculation was discussed. Then the research of AE b-value on concrete was reviewed. At last, the AE b-value in the damage process of cement mortar (CM) and polypropylene diber reinforced mortar (PFRM) under compression was studied and concluded that the trend of AE b-value of CM and PFRM was obviously different.The AE b-value is closely related to the formation and propagation of cracks in the damage process of concrete and it declines rapidly before final fracture occurs.
Authors: Dong Hui Huang, Sheng Xing Wu, Xiao Jun Wang, Hai Tao Zhao
Abstract: The elastic modulus of cement paste is the key parameter for characterizing the mechanical response of concrete. In modern concrete technology, the admixtures are often used to enhance the performance of concrete. This paper introduces a nondestructive testing method to evaluate the dynamic elastic modulus of cement paste. Moreover, the effect of water-cement ratio and conventional admixtures on the dynamic elastic modulus of cement paste is investigated, in which three kinds of admixtures are taken into account including Viscosity Modifying Admixture (VMA), Silica Fume (SF), and Shrinkage-Reducing Admixture (SRA). The results from experimental investigation indicate that the dynamic elastic modulus of cement paste increases with decreasing water-cement ratio. The addition of SF increases the dynamic elastic modulus, however, the overdosage of VMA causes its reduction. SRA reduces the elastic modulus at early age without affecting the elastic modulus at later period.
Authors: Pei Wei Gao, Sheng Xing Wu, Ping Hua Lin, Zhong Ru Wu, Ming Shu Tang
Abstract: This paper discusses the sulfate resistance and frost of mass hydraulic concrete which containing fly ash, superplasticizer and a novel MgO-bearing expansive agent (HNM), at same time, the mechanisms and processes of sulfate attack on it have been proposed. Results showed that using a water/binder ratio of 0.48 in RCC containing 50 % fly ash and 8 % HNM a durability factor of over D300 can be achieved and sulfate resistance may be improved slightly.
Authors: Li Song, Hong Jian Liao, Sheng Xing Wu
Abstract: This paper devoted to studying temperature joint in structures of reinforced concrete frame and bent. A nonlinear analysis program is made and improved specially for the study of reinforced concrete frame and bent under temperature load. Some reasonable values of joint distance are obtained for the frame and bent under high, middle and low temperature, and a design method of super-length reinforced concrete frame and bent under temperature load is presented.
Authors: Z.Z. Zou, J. Chen, Sheng Xing Wu
Abstract: The dynamic anti-plane crack problem in a functionally graded smart structure is considered. Integral transforms are employed to reduce the problem to the solution of singular integral equations. Numerical results are presented to show the nfluences of electrical crack condition, crack position, electromechanical combination factor and material gradient parameter on the fracture behavior.
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