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Authors: Qi Wang Su, Yang Xia, Shi Chun Zhao

Abstract: Collapse safety is the most important objective of performance-based seismic design. Buildings should have enough safety margin to avoid...

Authors: Cheng Qing Liu, Xin Long Xiao, Rui Liang, Shi Chun Zhao

Abstract: Based on the current methods of damage detection, a new detection damage model was proposed in order to search a more efficient detection...

Authors: Peng Bo Zhang, Zhi Xiang Yu, Yu Ping Sun, Shi Chun Zhao

Abstract: The shear-type friction damper using aluminum alloy as the friction material were designed and tested under cyclical loading to investigate...

Authors: Cheng Qing Liu, Wei Xing Shi, Shi Chun Zhao, Yi Pan

Abstract: Typical earthquake damages of Reinforced concrete columns in the Wenchuan earthquake are introduced, and the damage characteristics of...

Authors: Peng Bo Zhang, Yu Ping Sun, Shi Chun Zhao

Abstract: Analytical study was conducted to investigate effect of friction dampers on vibration control of steel frame structures. The friction...

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