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Authors: Yue Ping Chen, Xiao Dong Nie, Yan Hui Chen, Shi Dong Li
Abstract: Complex surfaces have been widely used in engineering. However, the current general-purpose CAD systems do not provide the modeling method of some kinds of complex surfaces such as parametric surfaces. In this paper, complex surfaces are generated by calculating the coordinates of the data points on the surfaces, creating the data files, importing the files into UG (Unigraphics), and then making use of the surface modeling functions of this software. Taking a bicubic B-spline surface for an example, the main steps of modeling of complex surfaces are presented and the modeling errors are analyzed in detail. A test is conducted to verify this approach.
Authors: Guan Sheng Chen, Ren Yuan Zhang, Feng Li, Shi Dong Li, Li Zhang
Abstract: Phase change thermal storage used metal as phase change material (PCM) is an important mode of solar thermal energy storage. In this paper, the heat charging processes of solar heating units were simulated under three kinds of heating flux 100,150 and 200kW/m2 at the bottom face respectively, while the thickness of heat receiving layer at the bottom was in 5, 10 and 15mm. Al-Si alloy was selected as PCM used in the cylindrical body of the units which were in the size of φ1000×1000mm. The change of temperature and solid-liquid phase change interface of Al-Si alloy were analyzed to find out the suitable absorber thickness of thermal energy storage units which can run safety under the condition of temperature 700~900K and heat flux 100~200kW/m2, such as the application of solar thermal energy storage unit in high temperature solar thermal power stations. In the last a test system was built up and the experimental result was close to the simulation value of a unit in the size of φ300×1000×10mm.
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