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Authors: Chun Xia Li, Zhi Sheng Ding, Shi Lin Yan

Abstract: The balanced reinforcement ratio of FRP-reinforced concrete members and the flexural capacity under two different failure modes (concrete...

Authors: Shi Lin Yan, Wen Tao Li, Shao Peng Wu, Ling Pang

Abstract: The research on the conductive asphalt concrete(CAC) is to melt snow and ice on the pavement and improve the property of skid resistance....

Authors: Shi Lin Yan, Fei Yan, Zhong Jiang Feng

Abstract: This paper do the research of molding process, experimental study, numerical simulation for carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) sandwich...

Authors: Shi Lin Yan, Fei Yan, Zhong Qi Qiu

Abstract: During the resin flow of Resin Transfer Molding, the permeability of fiber performs is an important parameter, which reflects the...

Authors: Chun Xia Li, Shi Lin Yan

Abstract: Based on the non-linearity stress strain relation of concrete, the cracking moment of plain flexural concrete member is established, and the...

Authors: Chun Xia Li, Zhi Sheng Ding, Shi Lin Yan, Jun Ming Chen

Abstract: Based on the experimental result of the flexure capability of reinforced concrete beams strengthened by carbon fiber sheets, the stress...

Authors: Yong Jing Lee, Shi Lin Yan, Xin Ye, Zhong Jiang Feng

Abstract: Most of the mold-filling simulation theories for RTM were based on Darcy law and combined with mass conservation equation. Considering the...

Authors: Shi Lin Yan, Yong Jing Lee, De Quan Lee, Fei Yan, Jun Xia Wang

Abstract: This paper uses FLOTRAN to estimate the resin flow permeability of fiber tow in RTM. Nine models of different fractions varies from 0.4~0.75...

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