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Authors: Min Shang, Qiang Xu, Shu Cai Li, Lan Xin Zhang
Abstract: Residual soils are weathering products of rocks that are commonly found under unsaturated conditions. Residual soil is one of special soils, and its engineering geology property is usually different because of the difference of resource rock type, the geology environment and weathering condition. By the means of analysis of the data attained by the methods of field exploration, laboratory test and testing in-situ, the physical and mechanical properties of the residual diorite in Jinan were studied deeply. It is proved that the stratigraphic section of the soil can be classified as two layers on the perpendicular direction. Considering the inhomogeneity of the residual soil mass and the widely divergence of the value of mechanics properties, the suggestion value of c, Φ , a, Es, fak were put forward for further guiding the engineering practice , on the base of physics and mechanics properties tests and the region practice experience. At the same time, it is pointed out that, at that region, the interlayer and inhomogeneity of the weathering layers should be emphasized in the process of projecting and constructing when the residual diorite acts as the foundation of the construction or one of the geologic layers.
Authors: Xin Zhi Li, Shu Cai Li, Ying Yong Li, Shu Chen Li
Abstract: The surrounding rock pressure which was determined effectively through in-situ monitoring was the important parametric of the tunnel engineering design.According to in-situ monitoring of the surrounding rock pressure in the relied engineering . The adjustment and distribution characteristics of surrounding rock pressure of the shallow large-span tunnel with three-level seven-step parallel tunnel excavation was studied, the results showed that the arch and sides of the tunnel arch foot were the key parts which concentrated the surrounding rock pressure. The adjustment and distribution of surrounding rock pressure had not obvious relationships with tunnel face distance. Finally, the composite factors that impacted monitoring results of the surrounding rock pressure was analysed. The results had great significance on the development and perfection of the surrounding rock pressure theory in shallow large-span tunnel.
Authors: Ke Wu, Ming Yue Ma, Shu Cai Li
Abstract: As an advanced technology in coastal and offshore engineering, wind-driven generator, the suction bucket foundation is one new offshore foundation. It is not only subjected to the long-term action of vertical load(V) induced by all weights of platform and equipment, but also is imposed by both horizontal load(H), moment(M) and torsion(T) caused by wind and wave as well as current. The judgment standard of bearing capacity behavior and practical performance of suction bucket foundation under many freedom loads have been established, which was one key of problems to appraise the stability of foundation. According to the existing results, the features of ultimate bearing capacity and failure envelopes of bucket foundation under combined loads was evaluated in the framework of the general-purpose FEM software package ABAQUS. Results indicated that the failure envelopes of bucket foundation in different loading spaces were plotted, which could be used to evaluate the stability of bucket foundation.
Authors: Qin Liu, Shu Cai Li, Li Ping Li, Ning Zhang, Yan Zhao
Abstract: The uniform design is a new design method for investigating the experiment with many factors and levels, which can get enough experiment information with less experiment times. The advantages of uniform design are introduced in the paper, it can seek experimental points to be uniformly scattered in the experimental domain, which reduce experiment times greatly and get good experiment results. The new polymeric grouting experiment is designed by uniform design and the experiment data has been studied by regression analysis. It is proved that distinct influencing factor on grout diffusion radius are grouting pressure and permeability, but the influences of grouting time and grout temperature are smaller, their relation has been obtained through regression analysis, uniform design is efficient and credible method of experimental design by the experiment results.
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