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Authors: Gyu Hyun Kim, Sung Hyuk Cho, Ji Hye Han, Young Bang Lee, Chi Hyeong Roh, Kwon Hong, Sung Ki Park

Abstract: In this paper, we studied stiction behavior of HAR pattern (line and space pattern) dependence on adhesion force with surface tension of...

Authors: Seung Cheol Lee, Choon Kun Ryu, Sang Wook Park, Gyu An Jin, Sang Deok Kim, Ki Hong Yang, Sang Hyon Kwak, Su Hyun Lim, Young Jun Kim, Sun Mi Park, Chul Sik Jang, Sung Ki Park

Abstract: The SC-1 treatment prior to the O3/TEOS CVD was a very effective method for gapfilling the nanoscale trench of the high aspect ratio by...

Authors: Gyu Hyun Kim, Soon Young Park, Seung Seok Pyo, Ji Hye Han, Jung Nam Kim, Kee Joon Oh, Choon Kun Ryu, Yong Soo Choi, Noh Jung Kwak, Sung Ki Park

Abstract: As a design rule of memory devices is scaled down to sub-100 nm, shallow trench isolation (STI) technology is faced with gap-filling problem...

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