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Authors: T. Kujime, Hideo Nakajima
Abstract: The lotus-type porous carbon steel with cylindrical pores has been fabricated by continuous zone melting technique in pressurized mixture of hydrogen and helium gases. In order to investigate the mechanical properties, the tensile and compression tests were carried out. The ultimate tensile strength of the specimen with cylindrical pores parallel to the solidification direction is lower than the estimated value assuming that the strength is decreased in proportion to decreasing cross section area of the specimen, while the yield strength is higher than that estimated. The compressive yield strength is also higher than that estimated. The increase in yield strength is attributed to the precipitation strengthening. The tensile strength is increased by quenching and tempering, while the elongation decreases. Such mechanical properties are discussed in terms of microstructureal analysis. Furthermore, simulations of the mechanical properties by FEM analysis were carried out.
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