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Authors: Chao Ming Lin, Te Hua Fang, Win Jin Chang

Abstract: This paper develops models for micro-fluid flow in tubular microchannels with uniform or varying cross-sections. The fluid flow is governed...

Authors: Zheng Han Hong, Shun Fa Hwang, Te Hua Fang

Abstract: The mixing situation of Co atoms implanting onto Cu(001) substrate is investigated with regard to incident energy and substrate temperature...

Authors: Ming Yuan Chen, Zheng Han Hong, Te Hua Fang, Shao Hui Kang, Li Min Kuo

Abstract: Molecular dynamic simulation for Fe sliding on Fe substrate with textured surface is investigated in this work. The textured surfaces on...

Authors: Wen Yang Chang, Te Hua Fang, Cheng Hong Syu

Abstract: Material characteristics of Zinc Oxide doped Al are investigated for microharvester. The microharvester include two parts, the first part is...

Authors: Te Hua Fang, Win Jin Chang, Haw Long Lee, Sie Jhan Wu

Abstract: Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation with a tight-binding potential is used to studied the mechanical behaviors of nanoimprinted Cu-Ni alloys...

Authors: Te Hua Fang, S.H. Kang

Abstract: The characteristics of morphology, friction and nanotribological properties of ZnO thin films were achieved by means of x-ray diffraction,...

Authors: Tung Sheng Yang, Te Hua Fang, C.T. Kawn, G.L. Ke, S.Y. Chang

Abstract: Instrumented indentation is widely used to probe the elastic and plastic properties of engineering materials. Finite Element Method (FEM)...

Authors: Yu Fen Chen, Te Hua Fang, Chen Chih Huang, Chien Hung Liu, Wen Hsiang Hsieh

Abstract: This study discuss the distribution of the flows when the forced convection impacted on the spin and the static in table tennis; the...

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