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Authors: M. Mafra, Thierry Belmonte, A.M. Maliska, A.S. da Silva Sobrinho, U. Cvelbar, F. Poncin-Epaillard

Abstract: Characterization of the interaction between an argon-oxygen post-discharge and hexatriacontane (C36H74) is carried out. Optical emission...

Authors: L. Lefèvre, Thierry Belmonte, Thierry Czerwiec, Alain Ricard, Henri Michel
Authors: B. Gaillard-Allemand, Michel Vilasi, Thierry Belmonte, C. Rives, Thierry Czerwiec, F. Belnet, O. Kerrec, Henri Michel
Authors: E.A. Bernardelli, T. Souza, A.M. Maliska, Thierry Belmonte, M. Mafra

Abstract: Stearic acid is treated in a DC Ar-O2 plasma created by a cathode-anode confined system. The influence of the most important process...

Authors: Thierry Belmonte, A. Daniel, T. Duguet

Abstract: After reviewing most of the recent developments performed on hybrid processes, basic physical phenomena of PVD-PECVD processes are detailed...

Authors: B. Gaillard-Allemand, Michel Vilasi, Thierry Belmonte, J. Steinmetz
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