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Authors: Sandra G. Cruz, Penka I. Girginova, Márcia C. Neves, Petr Smolka, Robert Kusak, Madalena Caldeira, José Teixeira-Dias, Julio Pedrosa, Tito Trindade

Abstract: An overview of the chemical strategies developed in our laboratories to obtain welldefined BiVO4 particles is presented. The methods rely...

Authors: M. Lehocký, L. Lapčík,Jr., Márcia C. Neves, Tito Trindade, L. Szyk-Warszynska, P. Warszynski, David Hui
Authors: G. Costa, M.J. Ribeiro, Tito Trindade, Joao A. Labrincha

Abstract: The preparation of ceramic pigments using industrial waste, a galvanizing sludge from the Cr/Ni plating process, as primary source is here...

Authors: Márcia C. Neves, Angela S. Pereira, Marco Peres, Andréi L. Kholkin, Teresa Monteiro, Tito Trindade

Abstract: Cadmium chalcogenide quantum dots (QD’s) were synthesised using a single source approach while zinc oxide QD’s were obtained by a colloidal...

Authors: Filipa L. Sousa, Paula C.R. Soares-Santos, Helena I.S. Nogueira, Rute A. Sá Ferreira, Ana M.V. Cavaleiro, Luís D. Carlos, Tito Trindade

Abstract: A layer-by-layer assembly method was employed to fabricate multilayered films containing the terbium heteropolyanions...

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