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Authors: V.G. Haach, G. Vasconcelos, Paulo B. Lourenço
Abstract: This paper focus on the experimental flexural behavior of masonry beams. In the sequence of the development of a novel structural solution for reinforced masonry walls at University of Minho, different possibilities for the construction of lintels with concrete block masonry have been tested. Reinforced concrete beams with three and two hollow cell concrete blocks and with different reinforcement ratios have been built and tested in a four point loading test configuration. It was clear that horizontal bed joint reinforcement increased the ultimate flexure capacity as well as the ultimate deflection, leading to much more ductile responses. Moreover, it was also clear that a more deep analysis should be made regarding the role of the compressive strength of masonry in the parallel direction to the bed joints on the global behavior of the masonry beams.
Authors: V.G. Haach, G. Vasconcelos, Paulo B. Lourenço
Abstract: Attention is given to the mechanical properties of concrete block masonry, with respect to its compressive and tensile strength. These properties are important parameters in the in-plane lateral behaviour of masonry walls, determining their resistance and ductility. Such properties play also a central role when analytical and numerical analysis is used for simulating or predicting the behaviour of masonry structures. The influence of two selected parameters on the mechanical properties of masonry is discussed, namely the geometry of the units and the filling of the vertical joints. Results show that masonry under compression behaves as a homogeneous material and the stress-strain diagrams can be represented by a parabola similarly to what is suggested for structural concrete. In case of tensile strength, filling of vertical joints appears to influence considerably the tensile strength. The filling of the vertical joints increased the strength but lead to a more brittle behaviour.
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