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Authors: U. Hecht, Victor T. Witusiewicz, A. Drevermann, B. Böttger, S. Rex
Abstract: Coupled, regular eutectic growth of α(Al) and Al2Cu from ternary Al-Cu-Ag liquid alloys is investigated with focus on the formation and the characteristics of eutectic cells in unidirectionally solidified, polycrystalline, bulk samples. The topologic anisotropy of the lamellar eutectic leads to destabilization along the lamellae with elongated cells being intermediate to stable cells, irrespective of the crystallographic orientation of the phases. The formation of stable cellular patterns with elongated or regular cell structure is explained with reference to the crystal orientation of the phases α(Al) and Al2Cu, measured by electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD).
Authors: Sonja Steinbach, Natasja Euskirchen, Victor T. Witusiewicz, Laszlo Sturz, Lorenz Ratke
Abstract: Technical Al-Si alloys always contain sufficient amounts of Fe and Mn, especially alloys made from scrap. During casting, Fe-containing intermetallics, such as Al-Fe, Al-Fe-Si and Al-Fe- Mn-Si phases, are formed between the aluminum dendrites. Fe and Mn-rich intermetallic phases are well known to be strongly influential on mechanical properties in Al-Si alloys. In the present work the influence of controlled fluid flow conditions on the morphology and spatial arrangement on intermetallic phases in cast Al-Si alloys is characterized. A binary Al-7wt.%Si and a ternary Al- 7wt.%Si-1wt.%Fe alloy was solidified under and without the influence of a rotating magnetic field (3mT at 50Hz) over a range of solidification velocities (0.015- 0.18mm/s) at a constant temperature gradient G of 3K/mm. The scientific results reached so far indicate a strong influence of the electromagnetic stirring on the primary dendrite and secondary dendrite arm spacings.
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