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Authors: Nian Fu Xu, Wei He
Abstract: The precision cam divider is mainly used for intermittent indexing step motion between two vertical staggered shafts and extensively applied in machinery of textile, package, tobacco, food, pharmacy and machining center, etc. [ [. With progress of modern science and technology, higher speed, efficiency, life and quality are required for mechanical transmission mechanisms on automats and automatic lines, as a result, higher requirements are raised for properties of the precision cam divider. In spite of advantages of high transmission speed, high locating precision, high indexing precision, good reliability, good dynamics performance, simple structure and long lifetime, etc. of the precision cam divider, artificial design is very cumbersome, in which design and machining of globoidal indexing cam are more complicated [ [. This paper develops CAD/CAM system for globoidal indexing cam by means of Pro/E system development platform and parameterizes design of globoidal indexing cam and transposition disc so as to simplify design interface and shorten design cycle of product, and mean while performs dynamic assembly, simulation and test of product performance to improve product quality and operating efficiency.
Authors: X.F. Tang, Wei He, Y.S. Liu
Abstract: A new one-side finish machining method for the profile of globoidal indexing cam in high speed, which modifies the tool path of traditional enveloping method, was put forward. The new method is useful for overcoming the defects caused by traditional enveloping method, can realize one-side machining of globoidal indexing cam, can improve the machined surface quality and the meshing characteristics of the cam mechanism. The practical calculation formulas of tool path modification is given, which can be used in developing the CAD/CAM software of the globoidal indexing cam. The new method has great practical value.
Authors: Wei He, Yan Hui He
Abstract: Offline programming can generate programs with optimized structures and clear layers, realizing parametric programming. It is able to achieve almost all kinds of measurement objects. Subroutine can be used for improving programming efficiency. This paper introduces the application of offline programming through instances.
Authors: Feng Xu, Wei He
Abstract: A procedure for the dynamic simulation analysis of the globoidal indexing cam mechanism is presented. Fist of all, the 3D model of globoidal indexing cam mechanism is established. Then, the virtual model needed by ADAMS is directly achieved by converting the 3D assembly model through the interface of SimDesigner in CATIA. In ADAMS, the tendency curves of angle velocity, acceleration of the indexing plate and contact forces between the roller and cam are made by dynamic simulation. It is very obvious to see the influence of the thickness of preload plate and assembly error on the maximum acceleration of indexing disk from the simulation result, and it will contribute to the design and assembly the globoidal indexing cam mechanism.
Authors: Nian Fu Xu, Feng Xu, Wei He
Abstract: Because of the design and manufacture of the globoidal indexing cam mechanism is very difficult, this paper developed a globoidal indexing cam CAD/CAM system by using Pro/ Engineer’s further development module Pro/Toolkit, which can simplify the process of designing the globoidal indexing cam. The main idea is that designing cam by parameters and generating the data points of the indexing cam automatically by the computer.
Authors: Xue Fei Tang, Wei He
Abstract: The NC-electrochemical contour evolution machining for globoidal indexing cam was proposed. The principle of electrochemical machining with inter injection cylindrical tool electrode and the composition of the machining system was introduced. The algorithm to determine negative electrode enveloping moving path may generate the NC procedure code used for numerical control machining directly.
Authors: Feng Xu, Wei He, Nian Fu Xu
Abstract: The parametric design method and software development of nonstandard serialized assembly components based on Pro/Engineer 3D software platform are introduced. The parametric assembly design process is done by the usage of Pro/Toolkit secondary development kit and C programming language. An intermittent star-wheel assembly is presented as an example. The design accuracy and productivity of non-standard serialized assembly components can be significantly increased by adapting this method.
Authors: Wei He
Abstract: This paper has adopted photoelectric conversion technology and computer application tech-nology , together with the Microsoft Visual C++6.0 software, developed a test system that consists of software and hardware, which involved the precision test and movement parameter calculating of the roller gear cam indexing driven. Experiments proved that the reliability and testing precision of this system are preferable.
Authors: Feng Xu, Yan Hui He, Wei He, Hong Tia Li
Abstract: The CAD system for three-plate parallel cam indexing is developed by means of Pro/toolkit and Visual C++ 6.0. The main idea is to encapsulate the whole design process into the system. Users simply enter the geometric parameters and motional parameters of three-plate parallel indexing cam into the interface and can obtain the graphs of the parallel indexing cam and other parts in required size. The system can offer a fast, accurate and dynamic design, and shorten the product design and reduce the production costs.
Authors: Yan Song Liu, Wei He
Abstract: The roller gear indexing cam has irreplaceable superiority in the high-accuracy and high-speed indexing motion, but it can not keep the system’s good dynamic characteristics to improve machining accuracy of cam only. This paper studies the dynamic simulation of the roller gear indexing cam by means of virtual prototype technology, rigid multi-body dynamics, and contact mechanics, and the influences of this system’s parameters on dynamic responds of the mechanism. These works are valuable for designers, makers and users to optimal design, test, and make the mechanism, and give a new method for studying dynamics of roller gear indexing cam.
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