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Authors: Qing Xiang Chen, Zheng Ye Xiong, Wen Qing Shi, Jing Yun Peng

Abstract: In order to provide some useful suggestions for the development of selective light fishing techniques, fishing experiments with two sets of...

Authors: Jing Min Chen, Zheng Ye Xiong, Qiang Tang, Zhan Mi Peng, Wen Qing Shi, Yu Jun Feng

Abstract: Quartz grains were extracted from volcano ash beside Huguang Maar Lake, and the thermoluminescence (TL) of the grains was measured. Based on...

Authors: Zheng Ye Xiong, Ping Ding, Qiang Tang, Jing Min Chen, Wen Qing Shi

Abstract: Lithium tetraborate (LBO or LTO) single crystal seems to be a promising new material for thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) and SAW...

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