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Authors: Carsten Blawert, Emma D. Morales, Wolfgang Dietzel, Karl Ulrich Kainer

Abstract: Thixocasting is a new semi-solid processing route for magnesium alloys; it is claimed that finer microstructures can be produced and as a...

Authors: Rong Chang Zeng, Wolfgang Dietzel, Jun Chen, Wei Jiu Huang, Jun Wang

Abstract: As magnesium is an essential element for the human body, magnesium alloys are expected to be promising implant materials despite their...

Authors: Emma D. Morales, Edward Ghali, Norbert Hort, Wolfgang Dietzel, Karl Ulrich Kainer
Authors: Carsten Blawert, V. Heitmann, Wolfgang Dietzel, M. Störmer, Y. Bohne, Stephan Mändl, B. Rauschenbach

Abstract: The range of applications for magnesium alloys is still limited due to their relatively poor corrosion behavior. In recent years, various...

Authors: Rainer Falkenberg, Wolfgang Brocks, Wolfgang Dietzel, Ingo Schneider

Abstract: The effect of hydrogen on the mechanical behaviour is twofold: It affects the local yield stress and it accelerates material damage. On the...

Authors: Wolfgang Dietzel, Michael Pfuff, Guido G. Juilfs

Abstract: Fracture mechanics based test and evaluation techniques are used to gain insight into the phenomenon of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and...

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