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Authors: Emilie Ferrié, Jean Yves Buffière, Wolfgang Ludwig

Abstract: In-situ fatigue tests monitored by Synchrotron Radiation X-ray microtomography were carried out in order to visualize the three dimensional...

Authors: Allan Lyckegaard, Henning Friis Poulsen, Wolfgang Ludwig, Richard W. Fonda, Erik M. Lauridsen

Abstract: Within the last decade a number of x-ray diffraction methods have been presented for non-destructive 3D characterization of polycrystalline...

Authors: Jean Yves Buffière, Emilie Ferrié, Wolfgang Ludwig, Anthony Gravouil

Abstract: This paper reports recent results on the characterisation and modelling of the three dimensional (3D) propagation of small fatigue cracks...

Authors: Andrew King, Greg Johnson, Wolfgang Ludwig

Abstract: In this paper the authors describe a technique based on synchrotron x-ray diffraction which has been used to produce full 3D grain maps...

Authors: Wolfgang Ludwig, S.F. Nielsen, Henning Friis Poulsen, Daniel Bellet
Authors: Andrew King, Norbert Schell, René V. Martins, Felix Beckmann, Hans Ulrich Ruhnau, Rüdiger Kiehn, T. James Marrow, Wolfgang Ludwig, Andreas Schreyer

Abstract: Grain tracking is a term used to describe experiments that investigate polycrystalline materials in terms of the crystallites or grains from...

Authors: E. Pereiro-López, Wolfgang Ludwig, Daniel Bellet, J. Baruchel
Authors: Éric Maire, Jean Yves Buffière, R. Mokso, P. Cloetens, Wolfgang Ludwig

Abstract: This paper generally presents different techniques available to image the microstructure of materials in three dimensions (3D) at different...

Authors: Emilie Ferrié, Jean Yves Buffière, Wolfgang Ludwig, Anthony Gravouil

Abstract: In this paper we will present how it is possible to couple a 3D experimental technique with a 3D numerical method in order to calculate the...

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