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Authors: Shi Kun Xie, Xiao Qiu Zheng, Rong Xi Yi, Xiao Liang Pan, Xiu Yan Guo

Abstract: SSM(Semi-solid metal) forming has been developed to become a novel technology in the 21st century for the formation of near net shape...

Authors: Shi Kun Xie, Rong Xi Yi, Xiu Yan Guo, Xiao Liang Pan, Xiao Qiu Zheng

Abstract: In semi-solid remelting process, the various stages of reheating temperature and isothermal holding time must be accurately controlled in...

Authors: Rong Xi Yi, Shi Kun Xie, Xiao Qiu Zheng, Zhi Gao, Xiu Yan Guo, Xiao Liang Pan

Abstract: Al-4.5Cu-3Ce alloy semi-solid slurry has been prepared by using slope vibration casting. The effects of the pouring temperature, slope...

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