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Authors: Qin Jun Du, Xue Yi Zhang, Xing Guo Huang
Abstract: Humanoid robot is not only expected to walk stably, but also is required to perform manipulation tasks autonomously in our work and living environment. This paper discusses the visual perception and the object manipulation based on visual servoing of a humanoid robot, an active robot vision model is built, and then the 3D location principle, the calibration method and precision of this model are analyzed. This active robot vision system with two DOF enlarges its visual field and the stereo is the most simple camera configuration for 3D position information.
Authors: Qin Jun Du, Chao Sun, Xing Guo Huang
Abstract: Vision is an important means of the humanoid robot to get external environmental information; vision system is an important part of humanoid robot. The system of a humanoid robot with the functions of visual perception and object manipulation is very complex because the body of the humanoid robot possesses many joint units and sensors. Two computers linked by Memolink communication unit is adopted to meet the needs of real time motion control and visual information processing tasks. The motion control system included coordination control computer, the distributed DSP joint controllers, DC motor drivers and sensors. Linux and real-time RT-Linux OS are used as the operating system to achieve the real-time control capability.
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