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Authors: Wen Jie Zhai, Yang Zhan Yang
Abstract: An ECMP slurry screening protocol is proposed based on inhibition efficiency of inhibitor in copper static corrosion test, aiming at enhancing the planarization efficiency of copper ECMP slurries. The elctrochemical properties of copper in electrolytes including H3PO4 and BTA with different concentrations are studied basing on Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV) and chronoamperometry under static corrosion states. According to analysis of the anodic current, material removal rate (MRR) and inhibition efficiency of BTA, an electrolyte formula of 30 wt% H3PO4+0.01M BTA is sort out and the anodic potential on copper should be set below 0.5 V.
Authors: Wen Jie Zhai, Yang Zhan Yang
Abstract: A mixed phosphate slurry is screened out first in terms of inhibition efficiency of the inhibitor by electrochemical static-corrosion test of copper for different concentrations of H3PO4 and BTA. Then ECMP experiments are carried out on a modified pin-on-disk type tribo-electrochemical tester for the candidate slurry under the potential range of applied voltage, with the anodic current and friction coefficient recorded and MRR measured. It is found that copper ECMP can achieve good surface quality with a high MRR under 0.75 V anodic potential in slurry of 10%KH2PO4 + 5%H3PO4+0.03M BTA. Down force is found to have little effect on MRR in the mixed slurry, this pressure-independent characteristics may help reduce the pattern effect during patterned wafer polishing.
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