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Authors: Bharat Krishnan, Joseph Neil Merrett, Galyna Melnychuk, Yaroslav Koshka

Abstract: In this work, the benefits of the low-temperature halo-carbon epitaxial growth at 1300oC to form anodes of 4H-SiC PiN diodes were...

Authors: Bharat Krishnan, Siva Prasad Kotamraju, Galyna Melnychuk, Neil Merrett, Yaroslav Koshka

Abstract: Low-temperature halo-carbon homoepitaxial growth is suitable for selective epitaxial growth of 4H-SiC using SiO2 mask. A possibility of...

Authors: Michael S. Mazzola, Jeff B. Casady, Neil Merrett, Igor Sankin, W.A. Draper, D. Seale, V. Bondarenko, Yaroslav Koshka, J. Gafford, R. Kelly
Authors: Galyna Melnychuck, Yaroslav Koshka, S. Yingquan, Michael S. Mazzola, C.U. Pittman
Authors: Sashi Kumar Chanda, Yaroslav Koshka, Murugesu Yoganathan

Abstract: A room temperature PL mapping technique was applied to establish the origin of resistivity variation in PVT-grown 6H SiC substrates. A...

Authors: Hrishikesh Das, Galyna Melnychuk, Yaroslav Koshka

Abstract: Dislocations were investigated in the halo-carbon low-temperature epitaxial growth and low-temperature selective epitaxial growth (LTSEG)...

Authors: Lin Cheng, Janna R. B. Casady, Janice Mazzola, Jeff B. Casady, Yaroslav Koshka, V. Bondarenko
Authors: Siva Prasad Kotamraju, Bharat Krishnan, Franziska Christine Beyer, Anne Henry, Olle Kordina, Erik Janzén, Yaroslav Koshka

Abstract: A reduced growth pressure (down to 10 Torr) was employed for the low-temperature chloro-carbon epitaxial growth. More than two times lower...

Authors: Bharat Krishnan, Yaroslav Koshka

Abstract: Recombination-induced passivation (RIP) experiments were conducted on p-type SiC after plasma treatment in deuterium. Higher sensitivity of...

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