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Authors: Shao Rong Yu, Yi Hui Yin, Bing Xu
Abstract: The deterministic analytic stress formula of double-Layer pressure vessels is derived. The optimum radius ratio between the inner and outer layers is obtained under uniform safety margins. Based on that, the method for evaluating the fuzzy stress and strength reliability is presented and an application example is given. The investigation provides a reference for further studies of uncertain mechanical problems of multi-layer pressure vessels
Authors: Yuan Dong Liu, Yi Hui Yin, Ying Chun Lu
Abstract: In order to study the comparison of material design, structure design and integrated design about the porous material, a concurrent topology optimization design model associating materials and structures with periodical microstructures is presented. The sensitivity formulae of hierarchy optimization are given based on the integrated design model and related numerical experiments were carried out. The applicability of hierarchy optimization is discussed and their advantage and disadvantage are analyzed through numerical examples which provide some useful opinions about the porous material design.
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