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Authors: Meng Yi Zhang, Yi Zhang

Abstract: A control system of testing machine for rock breaking is developed based on Atmega 16 single-chip microcomputer, which acquires analog...

Authors: Ting Yin, Bao Hong Tian, Yi Zhang, Yong Liu

Abstract: The four different contents of (Cu/50W)- TiC composites were prepared by spark plasma sintering method. The density, relative density,...

Authors: Xin Gang Yu, Di Wu, Hao Hao, Yi Zhang, Hong Chao Xu, Ya Nian Rui

Abstract: Super light-weight foam concrete with the density less than 250Kg/m3 was prepared by the physical foaming method. The pore...

Authors: Xiao Hong Chen, Yan Li, Bao Hong Tian, Yi Zhang, Juan Hua Su, Ping Liu

Abstract: A method of the aluminizing treatment on the surface of Cu-Al-Y alloy with addition of rare earth compound CeCl3 in 1173K was carried out....

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