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Authors: Xue Min Cui, Yong Huang, Ji Zhou, Chang An Wang, Shi Xi Ouyang

Abstract: As a good binder for aqueous Al2O3 suspensions tape-casting process, a commercial styrene-acrylic latex binder had been investigated. This...

Authors: Ke Tang, Chang An Wang, Ai Guo Zhou, Li Feng Wu, X.L. Xu, Yong Huang
Authors: Kai Cai, Yong Huang, Jin Long Yang
Authors: Rui Feng Chen, Yong Huang, Chang An Wang

Abstract: Pores in ceramics have their peculiarity different from common porous materials, so the existing characterization methods should be...

Authors: Jin Long Yang, Liang Su, Li Guo Ma, Yong Huang
Authors: Qing Huang, Hou Xing Zhang, Yong Huang, Hai Feng Li, Zhi Jian Wan

Abstract: MgAlON ceramics were prepared by spark plasma sintering (SPS) and hot pressing (HP), respectively. It was found that SPSed MgAlON samples...

Authors: Jin Long Yang, Chun Lei Dai, Yong Huang

Abstract: Controllable forming technology is one of the key problems for the industrial application of gelcasting. In order to solve this problem,...

Authors: Yong Huang, Shi Ke Zhao, Chang An Wang, Rui Feng Chen
Authors: Shi Ke Zhao, Gang Wang, Wan Jiang, Jing Feng Li, Yong Huang
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