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Authors: Min Li, Ri Guang Jin, Ru Yang, You Fen Li, Jia Xiang Liu
Abstract: CaTiO3:Pr3+ was prepared by high temperature solid state reaction and measured by SEM, XRD, excitation and emission spectra. The samples obtained possessed orthorhombic crystal structure of CaTiO3, belonging to Pbnm space group. Excitation spectra of the samples were broad band, their peaks and shoulder peaks were located at about 335nm, 379nm respectively. Emission spectra were single narrow band, emission peaks were located at about 602nm, corresponding to emission of 1D2→3H4 of Pr3+ion. The addition of Eu3+and Dy3+ as co-activator led phosphorescent intensity to greatly enhance, the addition of AgNO3 as ion compensator made the samples material pink and vibrant.
Authors: You Fen Li, Qing Liu, Wei Wei Liu, Min Li
Abstract: Dense Mullite/Al2O3 ceramics with a thermal conductivity of 45 W/m.K were obtained at the sintering temperature of 1500°C using Li2O, CaO and Y2O3 as additives. At temperature below 1500°C, the shrinkage of Mullite/Al2O3 ceramics is promoted by liquid LiAlSi2O6 and Al2Y4O9. Liquid LiAlSi2O6 mainly improves the densification of the sample when the sintering temperature increases to 1500°C. The formation of liquid phase at a relatively low temperature results in homogeneous Al2Y4O9 and Ca(Al2Si2O8) distributed around the Mullite/Al2O3 particles, which benefits the thermal conductivity improved.
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