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Authors: Zhen Bao Li, Wen Jing Wang, Wei Jing Zhang, Yun Da Shao, Bing Zhang, Mei Guang Fan, Shuang Ping Lin

Abstract: Axial compression experiments of four full-scale reinforced concrete columns of two groups were carried out. One group of three columns used...

Authors: Hong Yu Zhou, Zhen Bao Li, Er Wei Guo, Jing Zhang

Abstract: Reinforced concrete calculation theories at the present stage are mainly based on experimental results of small size specimens, studies on...

Authors: Hua Ma, Hong Huan Wang, Zhen Bao Li, Xin Yu Sun, Xue Wei Zhang

Abstract: In order to study the seismic performance, of macro-synthetic fiber-reinforced concrete ductile columns, specific used as the concrete...

Authors: Zhen Bao Li, Zhen Yun Tang, Jin Bao Ji, Xiao Liang Li, Da Xing Zhou, Wei Ming Yan

Abstract: This paper presents the defects existing in shaking table control including the overshoot of displacement under low-middle frequency input...

Authors: Er Wei Guo, Zhen Bao Li, Hua Ma, Hong Yu Zhou, Xiu Li Du, Guo Hui Luo

Abstract: In order to research on seismic performance of full-scale beam-column joints of RC frames under low cyclic loading, finite element software...

Authors: Er Wei Guo, Zhen Bao Li, Hong Yu Zhou, Xiu Li Du

Abstract: Abstract. Size effect, referring to mechanical properties of materials change with the geometry changes, is the basic characteristic of...

Authors: Yong Ping Xie, Zhen Bao Li, Jia Song, Xiu Li Du

Abstract: With the development of modern constructional technique, more attention on the size effect is paid by academics and engineers. Shear failure...

Authors: Hua Ma, Li Chun Zhou, Zhen Bao Li, Hong Huan Wang, Xiao Min Hao, Xin Yu Sun, Xue Wei Zhang

Abstract: The macro-synthetic fiber is widely used to prevent the cracking at concrete members. By the way of experiment that macro-synthetic...

Authors: Lu Yan Shi, Zhen Bao Li, Zhi Yu Zhang

Abstract: The paper researched on the strain, the deformation and the failure mode of hollow latticed steel columns through two experimental...

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