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Authors: Xiao Ming Zhu, Zheng Yang

Abstract: Household physiotherapy massage instrument is a household health care product that based on steam massage treatment efficacy. This product...

Authors: Li Li Wang, Zheng Yang, Tao Shang

Abstract: The ecological environment of ethnic architecture is a major task facing architecture scholars. By spot investigating of Hani nationality...

Authors: L.X. Su, Zheng Yang

Abstract: Emotions are the important factors affecting design. The instant exquisite self-demand resulted from being emotional can provide creative...

Authors: Ying Jiang, Zheng Yang

Abstract: We propose a comprehensive and multi-functional Overpass Pedestrian System to alleviate the serious traffic congestions in metropolitan...

Authors: Ping Ting Hao, Zheng Yang

Abstract: Children are the future of our country and the hope of the nation. However, due to the particularity of the children, their products in fact...

Authors: Li Li Wang, Zheng Yang

Abstract: Rural settlements of LuGuLake in Yunnan province have an original architectural characteristics —Wooden houses which are shaped by the...

Authors: J. Huang, Zheng Yang

Abstract: With the recent years, the rise of cottage, as a projection of the different forces, takes advantage of the current main market of...

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