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Authors: Xiao Ming Zhu, Zheng Yang
Abstract: Household physiotherapy massage instrument is a household health care product that based on steam massage treatment efficacy. This product adopts secondary circulating lacquer technology, with large and stable steam, to implement effective steam waves on each sick parts of human body and make the drugs penetrate into the nidus promptly. The circular massage ball of it offering 360-degree snug massage could accelerate the drug penetration and achieve the purpose of health-care rehabilitation and prevention of disease. Based on KANSEI Engineering, this paper quantitatively analyzes the product and uses AHP to optimize design decision during the process of product design. Meanwhile, combined with steam therapy massage function, it give a more comprehensive analysis in terms of material, structure, color and interface operating mode. The research methods and results are of high reference value in developing and popularizing professional medical instrument in family use.
Authors: Li Li Wang, Zheng Yang, Tao Shang
Abstract: The ecological environment of ethnic architecture is a major task facing architecture scholars. By spot investigating of Hani nationality residence in Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province, the article aims to explore and research the residential culture pattern of unique harmony between man and nature which is presented by Hani nationality based on man and nature in harmonious coexistence. It also discusses the significant ecological adaptability of settlement from overall layout and planning of settlements, landscape of settlements, and application of building materials.
Authors: L.X. Su, Zheng Yang
Abstract: Emotions are the important factors affecting design. The instant exquisite self-demand resulted from being emotional can provide creative sources for design, and it is the catalyst of the creativity. The designers often neglect their most basic emotional creativity. This paper analyzes the effect of emotions in design based on cultural emotions and individual emotions, and proposes reasonable advices for emotional management in design process.
Authors: Ying Jiang, Zheng Yang
Abstract: We propose a comprehensive and multi-functional Overpass Pedestrian System to alleviate the serious traffic congestions in metropolitan areas of big cities in China. It is composed with three major parts: switching and connecting part, transportation part and service facility part. Compared with the pedestrian system and foot-bridges in some busy intersections in urban areas, this system is more efficient and human-oriented on separating pedestrian and vehicles. It can not only relieve the traffic congestion but also increase the comfortable level of walking. Differs from average isolated and single-functional foot-bridges, the system provides pedestrians with more pleasant walking experiences, thus increases pedestrians’ willing to use this system.
Authors: Ping Ting Hao, Zheng Yang
Abstract: Children are the future of our country and the hope of the nation. However, due to the particularity of the children, their products in fact caused tremendous waste of resources. The application of new eco-friendly materials could slove the problem. "Green design" and " ecological design" is the design concept in today's society, to protect the social environment and save the global resources. This paper, from the green design and ecological design perspective, discusses the combination of the two, children product design and the new eco-friendly materials, and the wonderful prospect of both Children product and ecological environment.
Authors: Li Li Wang, Zheng Yang
Abstract: Rural settlements of LuGuLake in Yunnan province have an original architectural characteristics —Wooden houses which are shaped by the climate and topographic conditions, local materials, and the social living style. But because of the typical well-dry type construction of the wooden houses which need more massive lumbers to be constructed, it leads to the disappearance of the luxuriant forest. The other building materials such as tamped earth, bricks and stones, reinforce concrete replace the wood materials. The research’s goal is to solve the ecology problem which was brought by wood rooms built by lumbers and the compatible problem between the new houses built by modern materials and vernacular architecture in LuGu Lake.
Authors: J. Huang, Zheng Yang
Abstract: With the recent years, the rise of cottage, as a projection of the different forces, takes advantage of the current main market of electronic products in China with the characteristics of strong imitation, rapid production and civilian population, moreover,it shows a low-input high return phenomenon.Cottage that mainly actives in the Guangdong area has the trend to expand inland, it does not have their own brand, and mainly imitates the well-known brands of electronic products to thrive.It stimulus the design from the negative aspect,and wants to reverse the design of stagnation with distorted position.Its' rise means that China is undergoing a qualitative change in the design and further affecting the development of the design industry,which would lead the design into a new industry.
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