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Authors: Jun Pin Lin, Xiang Jun Xu, Jian Feng Gao, Yan Li Wang, Zhi Lin, Guo Liang Chen

Abstract: . A hot working and its effect on the microstructure and tensile properties of Ti-45Al-9 (Nb, W, B, Y) alloy ingot on industrial scale were...

Authors: João Rocha, Luís D. Carlos, Artur Ferreira, José P. Rainho, Duarte Ananias, Zhi Lin
Authors: Zhi Lin, José P. Rainho, João Rocha, Luís D. Carlos

Abstract: The thermal transformation of Eu3+-doped and undoped microporous titanosilicate AM-3 has been reported. AM-3 is stable up to 600 °C and...

Authors: Artur Ferreira, Zhi Lin, Maria do Rosário Soares, J. Rocha
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