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Authors: Yi Wang, Yan Qiu Huang, Zhi Peng Li, Le Wang, Jie Gao
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to study the control effects of pollutants with different ventilation methods in industrial buildings. Comparative researches are conducted between the push-pull ventilation system and displacement ventilation system. Formaldehyde (HCHO) is selected as the main pollutant in the industrial buildings in this paper. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is used to analysis the space distribution of pollutant concentrations with the pollution sources at different locations. Through comparative study,the pollutants distribution with the same supply air volume and pollutants diffusion intensity are evaluated from the following two aspects. Firstly, when the height of the pollutant source is 1.2 m in the industrial building, the average concentration of the contaminant at the space section with push-pull ventilation system is relatively higher than that with displacement ventilation system. Secondly, the average concentration with push-pull ventilation system is 0.00058 kmol/m3 while displacement ventilation system is 0.00097 kmol/m3 when the height of the pollutant source is 0.6 m. And when it is 0.3 m, they are 0.00016 kmol/m3 and 0.0017 kmol/m3 respectively. Thus, the concentration of the contaminant in displacement ventilation is higher than the push-pull ventilation’s with the location of the pollution source continuously declining in the height direction.
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