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Authors: Xin Yu Tan, Zhong Long Wang, Mao Feng, Yine Zhou
Abstract: A numerical simulation is proposed to study the dynamics expansion characteristics during the material irradiated by a high-intensity laser beam.The ionization effect and the local mass and momentum conservations for plasma expansion are considered in this model. As an example of carbon target, the plasma flow dynamics into a vacuum, like ionization degree, plasma number density and space pressure are studied in detail. The results show the plasma temperature strongly affects the ionization fraction and the ionization effect evidently influences the plasma dynamic expansion behavior. The space pressure of plasma decreases along with the plasma expansion.
Authors: Zhong Long Wang, Hui Jin Xu, Kai Lun Yao
Abstract: The electronic structures and magnetic properties of the compound Co(endi)2(N3)2 are studied by means of the first-principles method. According to the calculations, there is ferromagnetic interaction in the compound, and the magnetic coupling comes from the spin delocalization effect from Co2+ to the azide ligand. It is found that there is strong intralayer and weak interlayer magnetic couplings in the compound. It also reveals semi-metallically magnetic properties.
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