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Authors: Dan Zhou, Da Wei He, Zhong Yi Liang, Tao Hou
Abstract: The phosphors of MO-Re2O3-B2O3:Eu3+ (M = Mg, Sr; Re = Y, Gd) were prepared by conventional solid-state reaction. Red-emitting MO-Re2O3-B2O3:Eu3+ (M=Mg, Sr; Re=Y, Gd) phosphors had the highest luminescence intensity under vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) excitation. They had sharp emission peak lines at 591 and 613nm, which were assigned to the transitions of 5D0β†’7F1 and 5D0β†’7F2. By the introduction of Sr into MgO-Re2O3-B2O3:Eu3+ (M=Mg, Sr; Re=Y, Gd), the intensity of absorption peaked at 172nm and the emission peak intensity were enhanced.
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