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Authors: Pei Lei Zhang, Zhu Guo Li, Chen Wu Yao, Shun Yao, Feng Gui Lu
Abstract: The Fe32Ni32Si16B18Nb2, Fe31Ni31Si18B18Nb2 and Fe30Ni30Si20B18Nb2, (at. %) alloys are synthesized using low purity of raw materials by high power CO2 laser cladding with synchronous powder feeding. X-ray diffraction results show that the coating has an amorphous structure with some crystalline phases on it. The microstructure of the coatings changes with different amounts of Si. It can be observed that black nanocrystalline grains embedded in the amorphous phase in the TEM image. The coating of Fe31Ni31Si18B18Nb2 alloy was annealed at different temperature for 30 minutes and the microstructure were investigated. The highest Vickers Hardness had exceeded 1300 in the coatings. The amount of Si is a critical factor for fabricating a Fe-Ni based amorphous composite coating.
Authors: Zhu Guo Li, S. Miyake, Yi Xiong Wu
Abstract: This article summarizes briefly our recent research on low-temperature synthesis of TiN, TiN/Cu and TiN/Si films by using inductively coupled plasma assisted magnetron sputtering method. It is shown that the incorporation of high-flux low-energy ion irradiation during deposition strongly affects film growth, structure evolution, morphology and mechanical properties. A main attention is devoted to the synthesis of superhard nanocomposite films at a low deposition temperature. In both TiN/Cu and TiN/Si films the maximum hardness reaches a value higher than 40 GPa.
Authors: Jun Dai, Jian Huang, Zhu Guo Li, Jie Dong
Abstract: The welding processing of Mg-rare earth alloy NZ30K was studied using laser-TIG hybrid welding. For comparison the NZ30K alloy was also welded by the gas tungsten arc (TIG) and laser beam respectively. The microstructure of the welded joints had been analyzed. The hybrid welding method could refine the grains in the fusion and improve the tensile strength of the welded joints obviously. The arc plasma and the laser-induced plasma during welding were recorded by a high speed camera and the area of the plasma was calculated through image processing technology. Among the three welding processes the plasma area of the hybrid welding is the largest, but not a simple addition of the TIG welding and laser welding. The results show that Mg-rare earth alloy NZ30K can be well joined using the laser-TIG hybrid welding method.
Authors: P. Liu, Xue Jun Jin, H.M. Song, Zhu Guo Li, J.M. Ni
Abstract: Pitting corrosion behavior in laser weld metals of 2205 DSS with continuous heat treatment was investigated by cyclic polarization tests in a 3.5%NaCl solution at room temperature. The results indicated their excellent pitting corrosion resistances in this chloride solution and wide passive regions were observed for all the welds tested. The results demonstrated that laser continuous heat treatment can decrease the problems such as excessive ferrite and intermetallic phases by controlling secondary austenite microstructure. The effects of varying higher heat input on microstructure, mechanical properties and pitting corrosion resistance also were discussed.
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