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Authors: Zong Ning Li, Zong Qiang Zhu, Mei Na Liang, Hong Dong Qin, Yi Nian Zhu
Abstract: The influences of adsorption temperature, adsorption time, dosing quantity, adsorption environment pH value, initial concentration and bamboo charcoal type on adsorption of bamboo charcoal adsorb ammonia nitrogen in wastewater are studied. The result shows that the maximum adsorption values are 1.1715 mg/g and 0.9115 mg/g respectively at 25°C and 40°C. Bamboo charcoal can easily absorb ammonia nitrogen at low temperature condition. 180 min is a suitable adsorption time. Increasing bamboo charcoal dosing quantity is helpful to improve efficiencies of ammonia nitrogen removal in wastewater, but the adsorption capacity is declining as bamboo charcoal dosing quantity increasing. Solution pH value has a great impact on the adsorbed amount, the adsorbed effect in alkaline solution is much better than in acid one’s. The adsorption ability of the moderate temperature bamboo charcoal is higher than the high temperature one’s.
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