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Authors: J. Dosoudil, Zuzanka Trojanová, Pavel Lukáč, František Chmelík
Authors: D. Blažek, Peter Palček, Zuzanka Trojanová, Jakub Porubčan

Abstract: The aim of this work is to study the Amplitude Dependent Internal Friction (ADIF) of magnesium alloy AZ31 at room temperature at the...

Authors: Zuzanka Trojanová, Michael Bosse, Gerhard Ziegmann, Agnieszka Mielczarek, Hans Ferkel

Abstract: Internal friction in ultra-fine grained Mg with 3vol% of Graphite was measured by forced vibration method at low frequencies of 0.1, 0.5,...

Authors: Pavel Tofel, Josef Sikula, K. Hajek, Zuzanka Trojanová, L. Bumbalek

Abstract: New non-destructive testing (NDT) method is based on the effect of the ultrasonic vibrations on the electron transport in samples with...

Authors: Pavel Lukáč, Zuzanka Trojanová, Werner Riehemann, B.L. Mordike
Authors: Pavel Lukáč, Tibor Donič, Mária Chalupová, Peter Palček, Zuzanka Trojanová, Eva Tillová, Stanislav Rusz, Ronald Bastovansky

Abstract: Magnesium alloy EZ10 was deformed in tension at temperatures from room temperature up to 400 °C with an initial strain rate of...

Authors: Zuzanka Trojanová, Pavel Lukáč, Zoltán Száraz

Abstract: The deformation behaviour of the ternary magnesium alloy AX41 (4%Al-1%Ca-balance Mg) were investigated in uniaxial tension tests at...

Authors: Pavel Lukáč, Zuzanka Trojanová, Zdeněk Drozd
Authors: Zuzanka Trojanová, Zdeněk Drozd, Pavel Lukáč, S. Kúdela
Authors: Zuzanka Trojanová, M. Pahutová, J. Kiehn, Pavel Lukáč, Karl Ulrich Kainer
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