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Authors: Michele Curioni, Andronikos C. Balaskas, Teruo Hashimoto, Adewale I. Egbeolu, George E. Thompson
Chapter 6: Corrosion & Surface Modification
Abstract:In this work, an overview of recent developments in materials characterization and performance assessment methods applied to corrosion is...
Authors: Mario Helmis, Mont Kumpugdee-Vollrath
Chapter 20: Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:For the development of colon delivery systems (CDS) formulations have to be gastric resistant. The advantage of the CDS is the ability for a...
Authors: Catalin Cirstoiu, Razvan Ene, Mihai Nica, Patricia Ene, Monica Cîrstoiu
Chapter 3: Biomaterials and Technologies in Clinical Practice
Abstract:The study presented in this paper was conducted to assess the main causes of osteosynthesis implants failure, among which implant material...
Authors: J.J.L. Mulders, A.P. Day
Abstract:Three-dimensional (3D) microscopy is a new and rapidly expanding area. A DualBeam system, with both a focused ion beam (FIB) column and an...
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