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Authors: Jia Shing Sheu, Ho Nien Shou, Li Peng Wang, Tsong Liang Huang

Abstract: Biometric is used to confirm the unique of identity. In general, face is the most characteristic to recognize a person. In this paper, it is...

Authors: Hyung Tae Kim, Kyung Chan Jin

Abstract: Recent mechatronic systems, such as inspection machines or 3D imaging apparatuses, acquire and compute massive data for final results. A...

Authors: Alexandru Paraschiv, Gheorghe Matache, Cristian Puscasu, Raluca Condruz

Abstract: The effects of micro-abrasion wear on the surface roughness of molybdenum coatings deposited by electric arc thermal spray on steel support...

Authors: Camargo Moreira Anderson, Prado Kronbauer Denise, Andre Rafael Cunha, Alexandre Antunes Ribeiro, Marize Varella de Oliveira, Celso Peres Fernandes

Abstract: Several studies about porous biomaterials indicate that surgical implants success is directly linked to its surface morphology and...

Authors: Guo Ping

Abstract: The real projection system image of 3D Rotating cones based on the Volumetric 3D revelation principle and WPF platform is the true image....

Authors: Deva Phanindra Kumar, Sourabh Bajaj

Abstract: 3-D Imaging refers to a technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image by presenting two offset images separately to...

Authors: Lin Chen, Yi Fu Zhou, Jian Feng Liu

Abstract: The phenomena often appears that sea surface is above land, island is under sea surface and distortion of building inter-island in conflux...

Authors: Anderson Camargo Moreira, Ricardo Leo Marques Rouxinol, Pedro Alvim de Azevedo Santos, Celso Peres Fernandes, Alexandre Antunes Ribeiro, Roseli Marins Balestra, Marize Varella

Abstract: The performance of biomaterial scaffolds for bone tissue engineering, as porous titanium implants, is strongly dependent of its structural...

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