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Authors: Kreangkrai Maneeintr, Tawatchai Charinpanitkul

Abstract: Nowadays, the problems of climate change and global warming become more serious on environmental concern due to the higher amount of carbon...

Authors: Yun Zhang, Shi Quan Liu

Abstract: Silica sand is the main material in glass production. It can also be used for water purification. In this work, two types of silica sand...

Authors: Brabha H. Nagaratnam, M.E. Rahman, M.A. Mannan

Abstract: The aim of this research is to investigate hardened state properties of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) containing low calcium based fly ash....

Authors: Ervin Tal-Gutelmacher, Ryota Gemma, Eugen Nikitin, Astrid Pundt, Reiner Kirchheim

Abstract: Titanium and its conventional alloys reveal a high affinity for hydrogen, being capable to absorb up to 60 at.% hydrogen at 600°C, and even...

Authors: Alexander Bakulin, Alexander Latyshev, Svetlana Kulkova

Abstract: The oxygen absorption and diffusion properties are studied in γ-TiAl and TiAl3 alloys within density functional theory using...

Authors: Hua Bin Xiong, Ming Hong Chen, Xin Xiang A, Meng Sheng Chen, Yu Cheng Chen, Yu Li

Abstract: Heavy metal accumulation is effect normal plant growth, and brings potential human health risk in edible and medicinal plants. Erigeron...

Authors: Bing Xu, Xiang Jun Xu, Hou Mei Dai, Zhen Wei Deng, Xiang Qun Lv

Abstract: Single Bi-doped and M/Bi co-doped silicate glass (M=Al, Y, La) were prepared and broadband NIR emission were observed when the glass samples...

Authors: S. Torfi, S.M. Hosseini Nejad

Abstract: In this paper, a numerical model is developed to simulate single droplet heat and mass transfer in a two-pieces solution with a saturated...

Authors: Pao Chi Chen, Sheng Zhong Lin

Abstract: This work uses a continuous bubble-column scrubber for the absorption of CO2 with a 5M MEA solution under a constant pH...

Authors: I. Földvári, Á. Péter, L.A. Kappers, R.H. Bartram, Rosanna Capelletti
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