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Authors: Anis Nazihah Mat Daud, Md Supar Rohani, Rosly Jaafar

Abstract: Acoustic properties are the main criteria to evaluate the compatibility of tested materials as a medical phantom. We determined the acoustic...

Authors: Yan Liu, Xiao Juan Zhang, Zong Cai Liu

Abstract: With the development of the car industry, the pace of the urban construction is accelerating as well. Cars have gradually entered the...

Authors: Samson Rwawiire, Blanka Tomkova, Jiří Militký, Lubos Hes, Bandu Madhukar Kale, Abdul Jabbar

Abstract: The desire to mitigate climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions has led to the exploration of plant fibers as alternative materials...

Authors: Ling Dong Li, Yuan Fang Cheng, Xiao Jie Sun

Abstract: As a kind of emerging energy with massive reserves, natural gas hydrates are becoming the hot spot of global research. The elastic...

Authors: Yuriy Suhak, Michal Schulz, Denny Richter, Holger Fritze

Abstract: Acoustic characteristics and electrical conductivity of CTGS, LGT and LGS bulk acoustic wave resonators operated at the fundamental mode in...

Authors: Iveta Skotnicova, Nada Zdrazilova, Roman Fojtik, Pavel Oravec

Abstract: The article deals with dynamic and acoustic characteristics of the temporary steel bridge structures. Their construction is usually...

Authors: Grzegorz Kmita, Michal Kozupa, Robert Platek, Julita Krol, Grzegorz Juszkiewicz

Abstract: Design considerations related to noise pollution have become extremely important recently in many industries. Despite the wide range of...

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