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Authors: Xiao Yang Gong, Zhi Feng Gu, Tong Wei Li

Abstract: Studies of ion motion in crystalline and glassy materials, Jonscher power law, which was frequently referred to as the so-called universal...

Authors: Vsevolod I. Razumovskiy, Pavel A. Korzhavyi, Andrei V. Ruban

Abstract: Self-diffusion of the metal and carbon atoms in TiC and ZrC carbides is studied by first principles methods. Our calculations yield point...

Authors: Hiroshi Yukawa, T. Nambu, Yoshihisa Matsumoto

Abstract: The hydrogen solubility and the hydrogen permeability have been measured for Nb-based alloys in order to investigate the alloying effects on...

Authors: Shahram Ahmadi, Ali Shokuhfar, M.R. Abotalebi, Arash Rezaei

Abstract: The precipitation of T1 phase during the ageing of an Al- Li- Cu -Zr alloy sheet was studied by DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetric)...

Authors: Seong Ho Son, Do Won Chung, Dae Chol Kwon, Hong Kee Lee

Abstract: The thin film resistors such as Ni-Cr alloy could be formed by the electrodeposition method for embedded passive device in printed circuit...

Authors: Tian Bo Yu, Niels Hansen

Abstract: A model is suggested to analyze recovery kinetics of heavily deformed aluminum. The model is based on the hardness of isothermal annealed...

Authors: Chen Dong

Abstract: The diffusion behaviors of Fe adatom on Fe nanoparticles with three different sizes have been explored by molecular dynamics (MD)...

Authors: Yan Huang

Abstract: Solute drag theory is critically revisited and an alternative approach is presented to account for the effect of solute elements on grain...

Authors: Fu Gao Wei, Kaneaki Tsuzaki, Toru Hara

Abstract: A new method has been developed to determine the activation energy for hydrogen desorption from steels by means of thermal desorption...

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