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Authors: Jie Zhao, Tie Shan Cao, Cong Qian Cheng, Hui Fang Li

Abstract: The current paper investigates on the creep behavior of 12Cr-Mo-W-0.25V heat resistant steel base on the long-term stress relaxation test...

Authors: S.K. Wonnell, J.M. Delaye, Yves Limoge, M. Bibolé
Authors: Irina Valikova, Andrei V. Nazarov, Alexandr A. Mikheev

Abstract: This work is devoted to the simulation of atom configurations in bcc metals near the point defect using the molecular static method. The...

Authors: Boris S. Bokstein, Alexander Epishin, Vladimir Esin, Mikhail I. Mendelev, Alexey O. Rodin, Sergey N. Zhevnenko

Abstract: Three cross diffusion-stresses effects are considered: mobility-stress effect, flux-stress effect and vacancy-stress effect. The value of...

Authors: Zuzanka Trojanová, Pavel Lukáč, Zoltán Száraz

Abstract: The deformation behaviour of the ternary magnesium alloy AX41 (4%Al-1%Ca-balance Mg) were investigated in uniaxial tension tests at...

Authors: Helmut Mehrer

Abstract: In this Chapter we review knowledge about diffusion and cation conduction in oxide glasses. We first remind the reader in Section 1 of major...

Authors: Helmut Mehrer

Abstract: Firstly, this paper reminds the reader of some basic facts about the glassy state, then of the various ways to produce amorphous metals with...

Authors: Helmut Mehrer

Abstract: In this Chapter, we review knowledge about diffusion in quasi-crystalline alloys (quasicrystals). In Section 1 we first remind the reader of...

Authors: Yoritoshi Minamino, Hideki Araki, Toshimi Yamane, Shinji Ogino, S. Saji, Yoshinari Miyamoto
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