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Authors: Xia Zhao, Shuan Liu, Bao Rong Hou

Abstract: nanoZrO2 was modified by styrene coupling grafting method and then used as an additive to improve the protective performance of...

Authors: Fu Chuan Huang, Man Rong Su, Xing Zhong Tang, Hong Jun Li, Zhao Xia Lu

Abstract: In this paper, fuzzy AHP to select the appropriate environment-friendly chemical mechanical polishing additives, and the rational design of...

Authors: Ding Xie, Yong Le Liu, Jian Xun Ouyan, Xiao Wen Li, Yu Cui Wei, Jian Yu, Chi Ling Li, Fa Xiang Wang

Abstract: Using additives to prevent retrogradation together with traditional Chinese fermentation technology for rice noodles and the steam...

Authors: Naotake Fujita, Yisilahaiti Abulizi, Michio Kitano, Hiroshi Yoshida
Authors: Francisco Rosendo Sobrinho, Francisco Alves da Silva Jr., Rodrigo Nogueira de Codes

Abstract: Concrete is very resistant to compression, although its tensile strength is limited and it is regarded as a brittle material. One way to...

Authors: Jin Ming Long, Zhu Zhang, Zhong Cheng Guo, Xiao Yun Zhu

Abstract: The methansulfonate acid electrolyte is a new type of plating baths which has some advantages such as friendly to environment, stability and...

Authors: I.O. Ogunleye

Abstract: The thermo-physical properties of some varieties of sawdust and some additives are presented. They are thermal conductivity, heat capacity...

Authors: Fa Jun Zhao, Yong Jian Liu, Bo Zhang, Si Ha, Shi Ping Li

Abstract: Under the simulated thermal recovery condition, fundamental experiments were carried out in the high temperature high pressure reactor to...

Authors: Fu Zhong Wu, Wen Hao Wang
Authors: Jiří Habr, Jiří Bobek, Luboš Bĕhálek, Martin Seidl

Abstract: In recent years there are efforts to use polymer nanofibers and their properties in polymer composites. The aim of such efforts is to...

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