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Authors: Lydia Giersberg, Benjamin Milkereit, Christoph Schick, Olaf Kessler

Abstract: Isothermal time-temperature-precipitation (TTP) diagrams deliver important material data like temperature and time ranges critical for...

Authors: Abdelali Hayoune, Nacereddine Titouche

Abstract: The effects of cold deformation and low temperature aging on the microstructural stability of a peak aged (PA) Al 6061 alloy were...

Authors: Clark Hyland, W. George Ferguson

Abstract: A method for assessing likelihood of brittle fracture in cyclically loaded steel assemblies subjected to inelastic strains is proposed. The...

Authors: Aurélie Clair, Marc Foucault, J. Marcos Salazar, Vincent Vignal, Eric Finot, Laurent Markey

Abstract: Studying the corrosion of the alloy 600, under water pressure, is of high importance to understand the ageing process of pressurized water...

Authors: Qing Yan Xu, Rui Chen, Yu Feng Shi, Bai Cheng Liu

Abstract: In the present investigation, a physically based numerical model was developed to predict the yield stress of Al-7Si-Mg cast alloy during...

Authors: Ole Runar Myhr, Rune Østhus, Trond Furu

Abstract: The present paper describes a novel methodology for optimization of product properties and production costs in fabrication of aluminium...

Authors: Jackie Y. Cai, Bi Xu, Li Jing Wang, Yi Cao, Niall Finn, Zai Sheng Cai

Abstract: Hydrophobic and elastic aerogels derived from methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) precursor were prepared by ambient pressure drying under various...

Authors: Abdullatif Lacina Diaby, Lee Luong, Amer Yousef, Jonas Addai Mensah

Abstract: Refinery crude preheat train (CPHT) is prone to fouling and ageing effects due to the complexity of processed crude feedstock preheated...

Authors: Mohamed M. Aboras, Kai Yuan Theng, Andanastuti Muchtar, Che Husna Azhari, Norziha Yahaya

Abstract: The use of tetragonal zirconia as a dental restorative material has recently increased because of its unique mechanical and optical...

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