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Authors: M. Yin, D.D. Risanti, Jiang Hua Chen, Sybrand van der Zwaag

Abstract: This work utilizes thermoelectric power (TEP) measurement to track secondary precipitation during the interrupted ageing cycle for AA2024...

Authors: Ying Jun Gao, Xian Hua Hou, Chuang Gao Huang

Abstract: Atomic bonding of the GPB zone and S′′ phase of Al-Cu-Mg alloys in early aging stage are calculated using the empirical electron theory...

Authors: Zhi He, Lan Yun Li, Yong Qin Liu

Abstract: This paper investigates a new method, the Levenberg-Marquardt method, to calculate the phase equilibria of the Al-Cu-Mg ternary alloys. The...

Authors: Li Wei Quan, Gang Zhao, Yue Liu, Ni Tian, Tao Peng

Abstract: The precipitates of bending-age-formed ternary Al-4.31Cu-1.51Mg alloy were studied with load of 6.05 kg aged at 190°C. Transmission electron...

Authors: Christophe Sigli, Ronan Dif, B. Commet, Timothy Warner
Authors: Zhong Wei Chen, Li Fan, Pei Chen

Abstract: The early age hardening behavior in Al-Cu-Mg alloys with fixed Cu content (0.50 wt%) and varying amounts of Mg has been studied by hardness...

Authors: D.D. Risanti, Sybrand van der Zwaag

Abstract: The anelastic behavior of AA2024 alloy is studied in the temperature range between room temperature and 325 °C. The internal friction...

Authors: Bao Lin Wu, Gui Ying Sha, Yi Nong Wang, Yu Dong Zhang, Claude Esling

Abstract: Heavy deformation plus micro alloying could be an effective way to obtain ultrafine grain structure of metals. In the present work, an...

Authors: Robert Dif, Bernard Bès, Dominique Daniel, Ph. Lassince, H. Ribes
Authors: Graham B. Winkelman, K. Raviprasad, Barry C. Muddle
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