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Authors: Zhong Chun Chen, Sri Nugroho, Akira Kawasaki

Abstract: Al2O3 matrix composites reinforced with Ba-b-Al2O3 phase were synthesized through reactive sintering using Al2O3 and BaCO3 as starting...

Authors: Agus Sukarto Wismogroho, Wahyu Bambang Widayatno

Abstract: In this study a new technique for producing an Al/Al2O3 composite coating on a steel substrate by an in situ process...

Authors: Bing Qiang Liu, Chang Chun Wang, Ai Ling Sun, Chuan Zhen Huang

Abstract: A TiC whisker toughening Al2O3 composite ceramic tool material was developed by an in situ carbothermal reduction...

Authors: Helio R. Simoni, Eduardo Saito, Claudinei dos Santos, Felipe Antunes Santos, Alfeu Saraiva Ramos, Olivério Moreira Macedo Silva

Abstract: In this work, the effect of the milling time on the densification of the alumina ceramics with or without 5wt.%Y2O3, is evaluated, using...

Authors: Svetlana Beljakowa, Thomas Frank, Gerhard Pensl, Kun Yuan Gao, Florian Speck, Thomas Seyller

Abstract: An alternative oxidation technique is developed and built up, which provides monatomic oxygen during the whole oxidation process. The...

Authors: Tian Xiang Dai, Z. Mohammadi, Stephen A.O. Russell, Craig A. Fisher, Michael R. Jennings, Philip A. Mawby

Abstract: Trench structure etching is one of the most important processes for the fabrication of 4H-SiC Trench MOSFETs. This paper introduced...

Authors: Hai Bo Wang, Xi Bao Wang, Hui Li

Abstract: In this paper, metal reduction preparation of TiB2 powder via magnesium reduction and aluminothermic reduction were studied. The carbon rod...

Authors: Yi Lin, Chiung Fang Huang, Hsin Chung Cheng, Yung Kang Shen

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HA) coating of hard tissue implants is widely employed for its biocompatible and osteoconductive properties as well as its...

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